Welcome to our website !
This is the official website for our currently in development trading bot. We are 2 boyo's working on it : Shynaio (me), and Opticulex. The bot is open-source, it means that anyone can create mods to improve it; except for some EXE files, licensed under Apache 2.0 that aren't modifiable. There will be 2 different versions, a lite one, with less functionalities, and a premium one, with all the functionalities, but, working with subscription, paid 1 key / month.
Visit Optic Trade Bot!
Optic Trade Bot is the website of my friend Opticulex, run by us two. On his website you'll learn a lot of useful things about the bot, how it works, how to setup it's parameters, and more! You could see that on mine but hum.. Heh! Mine's not updated every little thing (or huge thing) that change about the bot. If you're interested, and you would like to know the bot's news, informations, check his website! It's website is more clear and without superfluous!
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