About us, and this project

The Optic Trade Bot is a free Steam trading bot for Team Fortress 2 items. The bot has openly editable code and an easy to use Interface for setup. It runs of AutoHotKey and Batch and doesn't go near the Steam API!

The Team:

Opticulex - Lead of Programming and Server Management

Opticulex first started the bot as a little Batch script back in mid-2016 but soon abandoned it. The project was picked back up in November 2016 when Shynaio joined the team. Opticulex is the lead programmer of the software an the manager of the server backend.

Shynaio - Lead of Web Development, Graphics and Media

Shynaio joined the team while the project was completely abandoned. Shynaio helped develop the bot to a working state and now works as the Main Web Developer for this site an creates Graphics and Media.

The icons used in this website were made by Freepik, from Flaticon.com, licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0